The Drive-In Theatre has a rich history in Pictou County, and is known as a local landmark. In 2020, we were thrilled to be bring back this timeless experience! Going to the Drive-In continues to be a summer tradition for families in Pictou County and beyond!

“Highland Drive-In Theatre” as it was first called, opened in the mid 1950’s. The spelling was later changed to “Hyland” Drive-In in 1965. By the mid ‘70s, it was operated by Odean Theatres and became known as the Odean Drive-In. Empire Theatres took over the operation in the early 1990’s and ran the Empire Drive-In until 2013, when Cineplex purchased Empire Theatres. The drive-in was not included in the deal and it subsequently closed to be repurposed and sold.

Eric Barker, who owns Highland Ford and Highland Nissan next door to the drive-in, grasped the opportunity to purchase the property. His family contemplated re-opening several times, but after six years, it was the pandemic of Covid -19 and people craving safe forms of entertainment that finally kicked them into gear! There is nothing quite as appealing as watching a favorite movie on a big screen from the safety of your own vehicle on a beautiful evening under the stars! A drive-in theatre provides a romantic and nostalgic alternative to the traditional indoor experience.

The Barker family is excited to be bringing back the beloved Drive-In, with its original name, to everyone in Pictou County and beyond.

We hope you enjoy the show!