MASKS ARE REQUIRED inside our canteen and washroom facility.

1. We are operating at half-capacity. Only ONE vehicle can park between the poles (vs. two vehicles under normal circumstances). Please respect and abide by the directions of the parking attendants.

2. Please stay in your vehicle as much as possible, unless going to the bathroom or the concession area. If you choose to watch the movie outside, lawn chairs must be placed IN FRONT of the vehicle, NOT in the parking space next to it. You must stay within your parking space and always maintain a social distance of 6ft from fellow movie-goers. Please remember to bring a portable FM radio to hear the movie outside of your car, as we will not have outdoor speakers.

3. Payments at the gate and in the canteen can be made by Cash, Visa, Debit, or Mastercard. “Tap” is preferred, if possible.

5. Please send just one person from the vehicle in for concessions if possible, and follow the signs and directions shown in regards to social distancing within the canteen area. At all times, patrons must stay 6ft apart.

6. We recommend visiting the concession during non-peak times - prior to 8:30pm and while the shows are on to avoid lines. Plexi-glass screens have been installed inside the canteen for the safety of our customers and staff. There will be no self-serve butter or condiments. They will be kept behind the counter.

7. The washrooms are multi-stall, but will be limited to two people at a time, unless with a small child. Please follow the signs and ground markings outside the facility to maintain proper social distance. Similar to the canteen, the washrooms are usually less busy when the shows are playing. We have speakers inside so you will still be able to hear the films.

8. We will be disinfecting all counters and surfaces throughout the evening and all staff will be frequently and thoroughly washing their hands.

9. If you feel ill or were outside of the Province within the last 14 days, please stay home!

10. If the Nova Scotia Provincial regulations restrict travel to Pictou County from your community, PLEASE respect the rules and wait to come and see us when you're permitted to do so.