Rules and Expectations

We are a family-friendly establishment, and it is the priority of the Highland Drive-In to ensure a safe and enjoyable environment for our customers. We ask that every patron respects and abides by the following rules.

* Management reserves the right to ask anyone refusing to abide by the rules to leave.

1. The speed limit within the drive-in property is 10km per hour. ​

2. The Entrance Gate Usually Opens at 7:30pm, and closes at 10pm. The times change throughout the season with daylight hours. Please check Facebook or our "What's Playing" page to be sure. You will not be permitted to enter after the gate closes, even if you have a reservation.

3. Our Drive-In survives on the profits generated from our canteen sales. We ask that you refrain from bringing food from elsewhere and support the Drive-In by supporting our canteen.

4. We ask that trucks, SUV’s, and any higher vehicles do not park in the first few rows to avoid blocking the screen for others. Large vans or vehicles with lift-kits, items on roof, etc. may be required to park in the back row. If advised by a parking attendant to move, please follow their directions.

5. If you are unable to turn off your daytime running lights, you must cover your headlights with something to keep them from shining on the screen. In most vehicles, applying your emergency brake will shut off the daytime running lights. However, we STRONGLY suggest you practice this before you leave home.

6. If you choose to back into your spot to watch the show from your trunk, your liftgate may not be raised higher than the top of your vehicle. Final determination of acceptable height of hatches is at the discretion of our parking attendants. If you wish to watch the show(s) from the bed of your truck, you may be asked to move to the back row.

7. We don’t accept walk-ins. In ALL cases everyone entering the drive-in theatre property MUST ENTER through our front gate and make their entry known to our gate staff.

8. Please be considerate of the people around you. Do not raise voices, radios, or make any loud noises that may disturb other patrons.

9. We will not tolerate obscene language or profanity.

10. We currently aren’t allowing entrance to RV’s, trailers, etc for overnight stays.

11. Children must always be accompanied by an adult when outside the vehicle. And please, no running or horseplay.

12. When outside of your vehicle, shoes MUST be worn at all times, by everyone (including children).

13. Alcohol is strictly prohibited on the Drive-In property.

14. Do not honk your horn. Please remember that we can only begin the movie when it is dark enough to project it onto the screen.

15. Cooking, grilling, or preparing food in any way is not permitted at the Drive-In.

16. Laser pointers are prohibited from the drive-in.

17. Do not leave your vehicle’s engine running. Carbon Monoxide poisoning is a possible danger if several vehicles are running in close proximity to each other.

18. Do NOT record the movies. Recording the films is a criminal offence!

19. Children must be supervised by an adult while playing on or around playground equipment.