Q: What radio station do we tune into?

A: 91.5 FM

Q: What is your admission price?

A: $30 per vehicle, plus HST. We don’t charge per person.

Your admission includes a $4 voucher for concession combos 1, 2, or 3! You will receive the voucher at the gate when you arrive.

Q: Can I pre-book a spot?

A: Yes and No. You can click “BOOK NOW” and pay online. That will guarantee you entry, but actual parking spots are first-come, first-served. You will need to arrive early regardless of a reservation to get a great spot! We also only allow booking a few days in advance, so you can be sure of the weather before you book.

You don't HAVE to book online. As long as we aren't sold out, you can still buy a ticket at the gate. We will post on Facebook, and put a sign at the gate when we have sold out.

Q: When should we arrive to get a good spot?

A: We highly recommend arriving an hour before show time. Our gate opens at 7:30pm! (Note: This changes throughout the season due to daylight hours. Please check our "What's Playing" page and Facebook to be sure.

Q: How many people are we allowed in a vehicle?

A: You are allowed to bring as many people that can be legally transported in your vehicle (everyone must have a seat belt).

Q: Is the canteen open? Can we bring in our own food to the Drive-In?

A: The canteen is open! Please follow the rules and signage in regards to social-distancing. The vast majority of the revenues from our gate admission prices go to cover the cost of the movie. Our Drive-In survives on the profits generated from our canteen sales. We have very reasonable prices with large portions. Please support the Drive-In by supporting our canteen. We will also drive around in a golf cart with some concessions that can be purchased with debit or credit from the comfort of your car. However, there’s more selection inside! See the Canteen Menu here.

Q: What forms of payment do you accept?

A: We accept Cash, Debit, Visa, and Mastercard at the gate and canteen.

Q: Do you operate in the rain?

A: Yes, we show rain or shine.

Q: What are your upcoming movies?

A: You can find our upcoming movies listed on our website under “What's Playing” as soon as they’re confirmed.

Q: Can I walk-in and join my friends who have already paid and entered the drive-in?

A: We don’t accept walk-ins. In ALL cases everyone entering the drive-in theatre property MUST ENTER through our front gate and make their entry known to our gate staff.

Q: Can we sit outside the vehicle?

A: We welcome you to sit out under the stars. Lawn chairs must be placed IN FRONT of the vehicle, NOT in the parking space next to it. You must stay within your parking space and always maintain a social distance of 6ft from fellow movie-goers. Please remember to bring a portable FM radio to hear the movie outside of your car.

Q: Do I have to watch both movies or can I just come to one?

A: You must arrive before the entrance gate closes (usually one hour after the first show begins). We do not issue refunds to customers who booked online but were too late arriving. If you wish to leave after the first movie, you’re welcome to, however the entrance price is the same.

Q: Can I bring my pet?

A: Yes, we are pet-friendly. However, we ask that all animals be leashed while out of the vehicle and that you pick up after your pet.

Q: What if my battery goes dead?

A: We have several booster packs in our canteen and can give you a boost (no fee).

Q: Can I run my vehicle’s engine during the movie?

A: We strongly recommend that you do not run your engine for long periods during the movie. Noisy car engines are bothersome to your neighbours in the next car. Also, Carbon Monoxide poisoning is a possible danger if several vehicles are running in close proximity to each other.

Q: How do I turn off my daytime running lights?

A: In most vehicles, applying your emergency brake will shut off the daytime running lights. However, we STRONGLY suggest you practice this before you leave home. If you can’t turn them off, you must cover your headlights with something to keep them from shining on the screen.

Q: Do you stay open during severe weather?

A: We are committed to run movies rain or shine. However, in the event of severe weather, mechanical breakdown, or unforeseen circumstances, management reserves the right to cancel the show and refund as per our refund policy.

Q: What is your refund policy?

A: A full refund will be offered in the event of show cancellation by management due to severe weather, mechanical breakdown, or unforeseen circumstances prior to show-time or during the first feature. If a cancellation is required after the first feature has shown, no refunds will be offered.